Encourage collaboration and harmonization around the metropolitan mobility in Brussels.


Create an interregional dialogue to imagine tomorrow’s Mobility Shift together.


Revitalize mobility to reinforce the socio-economic development of the Brussels metropolis.


A collaboration platform for a metropolitan mobility

Brussels Metropolitan sets up an interregional network for dialogue with a view to creating a Mobility Shift within and around Brussels

Our identity

Brussels Metropolitan, or “Business Route 2018 for Metropolitan Brussels”, is a joint initiative of the regional and federal inter-professional employers’ organizations, BECI, Voka, UWE and FEB.

Our organization was created in 2008 (for a 10-year period) as a dialogue platform of the three regions within and around Brussels, with as objective to bolster the socio-economic development of the Brussels metropolis through a better collaboration.

Our mission

The action plan of Brussels Metropolitan for the next months, if not for the next years, will be entirely dedicated to the issue of mobility, which has a considerable impact on the competitiveness of the Brussels metropolitan region.

Brussels Metropolitan aims for a Mobility Shift within the metropolitan zone of Brussels, in collaboration with all concerned parties, such as: administrations and governments, agencies and organizations, entrepreneurs and federations, experts and citizens.


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